Saturday, August 23, 2008


Al Messina (1/1/1922 - 8/20/2008)

Al was born 1-1-1922, moved from Italy to the USA in 1969 and retired in Bellevue in 1989. Wednesday August 20 he suddenly passed away with acute leukemia while surrounded by his family.
Family, friends and his airplane were his loves. He was a man with a wonderful mind, intelligent and inquisitive, generous and with a huge sense of humor; a polymath who lived to learn and understand and share his insights until his final moments.
A man who gave of himself beyond compare and lived to make a difference for all around him has now left friends and extended family around the world with a void that will be hard to fill.
His adored wife of 57 years, Pia, sons Marco (Darlene) and Andy (Valerie), grandchildren Alex, Sarah, Ali (Bill, Sadie, Mandy) and Ryan will try to go on without him.
A memorial service will be held Sunday August 24 at 2-5 pm at Kirkland Woman’s Club, 407 First Street, Kirkland 98083.


  1. This was published in 2004 and says it all

    To My Father
    To Al Messina, Great Man

    When I was young
    you read me "IF",
    to show me how to be a man

    Now, both old,
    I look behind and understand
    that poem must have had one more command:

    "IF you can lead, that your son may follow
    you'll be, not only a man,
    but a great man."

    Marco Messina

    Copyright ©2004 Marco Messina

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