Thursday, December 22, 2022

The Age of Amnesia

 Below is a Commentary by Jeffrey Tucker (see bio at the bottom) in The Epoch Times on 12/18/2022

This is THE MOST spot-on assessment of our times that I have read anywhere. I republish it here to have one more place where it may not be forgotten. This is my "resistance at the little game" (see below).

The Age of Amnesia

December 15, 2022 Updated: December 18, 2022


The main defense of Dr. Anthony Fauci in his legal deposition this month was pretty simple: he forgot. He said that he couldn’t recall nearly 200 times and versions of that many more. He said that he was so busy running his huge agency plus shepherding vaccines that he couldn’t possibly remember this or that email implicating him in a censorship scheme. He gets thousands of emails a day and there’s no reason to think that any, in particular, would grab his attention.