Sunday, December 17, 2023

The Age of Fear, Anxiety, Climate Fraud

 In 1987 Micheal Crichton published "State of Fear" an interesting novel that contained in appendix the best bibliography available at that time to non-scientist. It predicted the state of mind of most of society in the US today and how private interests and the mainstream media were intent in shaping collective beliefs.

Today Michael Shellenberger demonstrates that we have in fact fallen into the hands of those private interests, not because they had evil intents but simply because they ignorantly believed "the most heard" and gradually most of us came to drink the same cool-aid.  It is not too late for a little education.

And for the data-focused/minded reader, check the data and the charts that debunk what we hear.  It is free education and the good news is that even the activist "average" forecast does not warrant the hysteria of the "extreme" forecasts that are much advertised because hysteria sells media.

Monday, December 11, 2023