Thursday, December 22, 2022

The Age of Amnesia

 Below is a Commentary by Jeffrey Tucker (see bio at the bottom) in The Epoch Times on 12/18/2022

This is THE MOST spot-on assessment of our times that I have read anywhere. I republish it here to have one more place where it may not be forgotten. This is my "resistance at the little game" (see below).

The Age of Amnesia

December 15, 2022 Updated: December 18, 2022


The main defense of Dr. Anthony Fauci in his legal deposition this month was pretty simple: he forgot. He said that he couldn’t recall nearly 200 times and versions of that many more. He said that he was so busy running his huge agency plus shepherding vaccines that he couldn’t possibly remember this or that email implicating him in a censorship scheme. He gets thousands of emails a day and there’s no reason to think that any, in particular, would grab his attention.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Playing with fire, poking the Russian bear

 From current news:

I was asked - Is this war, a path to war?

I think the news is credible but it is not war, yet. The US is pushing to bankrupt Russia and Putin may start a war as a way to stay in power, so our neocon crazies are playing with fire. Continuing to play with it as they have done with Ukraine. But, as we saw with Argentina and Chile in the 80's and 90's default does not create wars. It forces a government change via either a public vote, or revolution, or a military coup. Russia is more likely to have a  military coup than anything else, so no gain for the pain in the end - thank our neocon fools. 

 Banks, US and EU, would take huge losses if there is no negotiated settlement, so before default, there will be a negotiated settlement that inflicts enormous pain to the Russians to save the banks. That's what happened with Greece in 2015.  The people pay the price for the games US neocons play (see Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria).  See my post on Greece from 2015  That forecast is true today  Something similar will happen to Russia (barring Armageddon) but the added risk is: Russia has nukes and Greece did not. Different stakes same fools in charge. Fingers crossed.

A sobering update from 4/18/22 9p MST