Monday, July 14, 2014

A new author joined our team

Editor's Note 1 - Anyone can see that I have been remiss posting on this blog. To remedy this matter I decided to hire a freelance writer, my grand daughter Mandy Hansen (age 7) to contribute her stories.

She is also an artist so I bought ($4.50) the worldwide copyright to one of her paintings for publication here.

Fishing with Grandpa

And here is Mandy Hansen's debut as a freelancer. Her newest story was purchased at the rate of cents 1 per word.

A Day with Granpa (7/13/2014)

One morning I siad to my grampa how bout we go plases like Smith's and gite ickereem and walmart so we went smisth and got iscrim and then we wentto walmartand on the way bake (back) I fel of my bijicl bot it was only a little scrach so we still went to the pserve (the Swaners' Nature Preserve in Park City UT) and we did not no that we were going on varee long grass so we went home and grama was sleeping so I plaid the peeanow and grapa went on the computer.

The end.

Editor's Note 2: Since the writing quality is definitely college freshman level the original was published as written by the author.