Sunday, October 5, 2014

The 2014-15 Ski Season Is Almost Here

News from Park City:

Deer Valley announced purchase of SolitudeThe resorts will operate separately this year, so there is no shared lift ticket or integration of lift systems or terrain.  Deer Vally reports no current plans for integration even next year.

Vail bought Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR)
Vail already operates The Canyons resort (since last winter season), so by joining the two reorts it is now one of the largest in the US. Tickets are interoperable and a shuttle service will join the resorts making for a great ski vacation. Next year a new lift will integrate the properties making it truly a huge  resort.

Looking for a great vacation? Canyons/PCMR is the place. At an altitude of 7000 feet visitors from sea-level will easily tolerate the environment with no loss of skiing days to acclimatize, At 2000 feet lower altitude than most Colorado resorts, ambient temperatures will be nearly 10 degrees higher and the snow is still Utah's pride: "the greatest snow on earth".  The skiable terrain is huge and with a guide or instructor (moi?) you'll have an epic vacation whether a beginner or an advanced back country skier. Call me to learn more 602-677-1306 or book me at Canyons Ski School - I teach in English, Spanish, Italian, French with over 40 years experience and 60 years of worldwide skiing adventures to tell.

Memories from the 2013-14 Seaon
If you are one of my students last year, look for your photo. I hope to see you again this year.

Monday, July 14, 2014

A new author joined our team

Editor's Note 1 - Anyone can see that I have been remiss posting on this blog. To remedy this matter I decided to hire a freelance writer, my grand daughter Mandy Hansen (age 7) to contribute her stories.

She is also an artist so I bought ($4.50) the worldwide copyright to one of her paintings for publication here.

Fishing with Grandpa

And here is Mandy Hansen's debut as a freelancer. Her newest story was purchased at the rate of cents 1 per word.

A Day with Granpa (7/13/2014)

One morning I siad to my grampa how bout we go plases like Smith's and gite ickereem and walmart so we went smisth and got iscrim and then we wentto walmartand on the way bake (back) I fel of my bijicl bot it was only a little scrach so we still went to the pserve (the Swaners' Nature Preserve in Park City UT) and we did not no that we were going on varee long grass so we went home and grama was sleeping so I plaid the peeanow and grapa went on the computer.

The end.

Editor's Note 2: Since the writing quality is definitely college freshman level the original was published as written by the author.