Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hello world!

It had to happen

well, ladies and gentlemen here it is: my first effort at blogging. I resisted it like the plague since the net seems to be awash with soap boxes upon which scarcely meditated opinions are broadcasted to the world.

I really thought it unlikely that I may suddenly be the exception to the rule, but in my job as director of technology programs at Maricopa Community Colleges Small Business Development Center (SBDC) I grew tired of admitting no hands-on experience with this medium.
Ergo, I constructed (very easily thanks to Google and this little soap box of mine and hereby step upon it to deliver over time my finer thoughts about entrepreneurship (I began lecturing on the subject at Seattle University in 1983), IT technology as a strategic tool for small and mid size businesses (I've consulted on ERP implementations since 1984) and venture financing (I've financed privately and publicly several start-ups and experienced all related pains several times since the late 70's- who said dinosaurs are all gone?) and knowledge management and navigation, my current field of interest and research.

I also promise to remember: your time is short, sharing it to me is a valued gift, my opinions are... well everyone has one, so I promise I'll KEEP IT SHORT
Seeking your comments in response to my priming the discussion is the reason for starting this. I look forward to your opinions, not for the sake of blog statistics, but for the sake of learning of them.

See you around. Thanks for visiting
and now I've got to figure out how to get this darn thing found :(

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  1. Thanks for the articles by Solomon and Coleman. One never reads enough. Keep going. GP


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